Jill S. Schwartz & Associates, P.A. recognizes that all of us spend most of our waking lives in the workplace. We understand that for all of our employee clients, the wrongful disruption or termination of a career is frequently accompanied by severe depression, anxiety and frustration. We understand that illegal discrimination and harassment not only impact the employee who is being subjected to this treatment, but it also affects their family.

Our commitment is to provide aggressive, caring and individualized attention to protect and defend the rights of our employee clients. It is our privilege to assist employees with a variety of workplace concerns such as: age, race, religious, pregnancy and gender discrimination, wrongful termination, unpaid wage and overtime claims, unemployment compensation appeals, sexual harassment/assault, disability rights, whistleblower claims, employment contracts, retaliation, non-compete litigation, severance agreements, and Family and Medical Leave Act claims. We are proud to assist employees in connection with their discrimination-related claims from the initial administrative processes, through to mediation, trial and appeals.

We are committed to the principle that all people deserve equal employment opportunities in the workplace. Our firm is a leader in the State of Florida in the area of protecting employee rights. Additionally, we assist employees in connection with other work-related issues, such as unemployment appeals, worker's compensation retaliation claims, private and public sector grievance appeals, whistle-blower claims, non-compete litigation and claims for overtime and unpaid wages.