Our Services

Management Representation

Below are some of the legal services we offer to our management clients:

General Business & Corporate Matters: We frequently assist businesses with a wide variety of legal matters such as drafting employment contracts, severance and separation agreements, non-disclosure agreements, drafting and review of commercial lease agreements, incorporations, trademark registration and other corporate concerns. We also provide competent and aggressive litigation services in support of non-compete enforcement, as well as in other areas of commercial business litigation.

Management Hotline Program: Our firm offers a six months hotline pilot program, wherein any authorized member of a company’s management team or Human Resources personnel can contact our firm for legal advice regarding personnel and/or employment related questions. Recognizing the fact that the company’s team will reasonably require a rapid response from our firm in order to be beneficial, our firm will establish an internal protocol to ensure that the company’s questions are promptly directed to one of our attorneys with the goal of providing a response within 24 hours. We believe that the initial six months time frame can serve as a trial period, and we can then make adjustments so as to implement a long-term program accordingly, depending upon an evaluation of actual usage and benefits received by the company.

Training Workshops on Specific Areas of Employment Law: In our extensive experience working with business clients, we take a proactive approach to workplace discrimination issues which can significantly limit a company’s exposure to litigation. Our firm can provide businesses with periodic workshops on discrete topics such as: “Safe Hiring and Termination,” “Wage and Hour Issues Under the Fair Labor Standards Act,” and “Investigating Sexual Harassment Complaints.”

Corporate Employee Handbook: The federal courts are frequently issuing decisions that can impact your business.  Our firm will review your current materials, or draft a new employee handbook, as well as develop job classifications pursuant to the Fair Labor Standards Act.  We will thereafter periodically update your materials to ensure compliance.

Assisting Management in the Areas of Hiring, Probationary Policies, Performance Evaluations, Drug Free Workplace Policies and Termination: A written 90-day probationary policy for new employees can be effective in allowing the company to evaluate whether the employment relationship will be mutually beneficial, while at the same time helping to shield businesses from potential liability. Additionally, businesses can incur liability from prospective job applicants. Therefore, we frequently advise businesses on implementing “safe hiring” practices designed to avoid liability. Moreover, we work closely with in-house counsel, executive management teams and human resources departments to draft, implement and monitor personnel policies and procedures. These include progressive discipline policies, annual performance evaluations, and drug-free workplace programs, as well as to assist our management clients with termination decisions and documentation.