Jill S. Schwartz and her colleague, Jeffrey Hammer, at Jill S. Schwartz & Associates provided timely, responsive, respectful, thoughtful, and professional advice. Jill’s insights, approach, integrity and clear-headedness were invaluable during a challenging time. Ms. Schwartz and her team were quick to respond, grasp the issues, communicate clearly, and recommend a course of action that made sense and led to a good result.

– B.E.


It is difficult to find the exact and perfect words to express my experience with Jill Schwartz & Associates. Mere words are not quite enough to convey all I have to share. From the beginning, I was treated with respect, compassion and sincerity. Jill is a fountain of knowledge and coupled with her professional experiences, she consistently provided information necessary for me to make informed decisions as I navigated through uncharted waters. As I search of the words to parlay my feelings of gratitude, my mind keeps visualizing very unsettled waters and a dock. Jill, John and Amy are that dock. They transformed the blindsided, fearful and confused me that showed up on their doorstep deflated and broken, in to the strong, knowledgeable and confident me now. How? Because they listened to understand, they trusted me from the outset and my plight, became theirs. Most importantly, they believed in me. Belief in another human is a powerful healer and I will never forget their kindness. The outcome of my reason for engaging with Jill Schwarz and Associates has proved to be very positive.  That aside, the true best outcome was the restoration of my professional confidence. For that, I cannot thank Jill, John and Amy enough and I will never forget. Thank you.

– M.P.


Jill Schwartz and Associates is a world class boutique law firm! With their tenacious representation, they doggedly pursued the best possible outcome for my colleagues and I. I was personally impressed by how valuable everyone in the law office made me feel. I felt like a VIP every time I was in the office, emailed or called.  Jill also inspired me with her own personal story of perseverance in the face of employment discrimination, which has lead me to strive to heights in my career that were previously unimaginable. I strongly recommend Jill Schwartz and her team, including Christopher Pace and Amy Cook. You will be impressed!

– K.J.


I will be forever grateful to Jill, Lauren, Sebastian, and Bev for their guidance through the most difficult time of my career. Jill and Lauren not only helped me through a very emotional time after leaving a long term employer but also proved and restored my ethical reputation. They are the best.

– D.C.


Attorney Jill Schwartz and team are the most knowledgeable and experienced law firm! They worked professionally, diligently and exceptionally to handle my legal matter. I felt like I was their only client (While I knew that I was not their only client), they constantly communicated with care and professionalism. I never felt like I was in the dark, quite the contrary, I was ALWAYS in the know, with my Legal matter. Atty Jill and her team were so kind, thoughtful and always exuded CARE. They never made me feel like I was a bother, despite my calls and emails. The ENTIRE team made me feel comfortable and confident with my matter. I am forever grateful for Atty Jill Schwartz and her dynamic team of professionals. I promise you that you will be treated with care and respect, ALWAYS! My attorney of choice, Jill Schwartz and team!!!

– F.H.


I am forever grateful and thankful for Jill and team. I would have never been able to get through the emotional tornado without this highly skilled and caring team. Usually people don’t always think of the word Lawyer and Caring together. However I promise you this IS what you get with this firm. It isn’t just one person it is the whole office. Thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for putting the pieces of my life back together and giving me the courage to always remember doing the right thing and staying true to who you are actually does pay off.

– K.K.


I am not one to usually leave reviews but I must say the outstanding service and care that I received from Jill Schwartz and her team left me wanting to share my experience. From the minute I walked in the door of the firm I was attended to with empathy, respect and concern. I was heard, guided through a process and was kept updated frequently even on weekends and evenings. Jill and John and the team made everything easy throughout a traumatic experience and most importantly supported my emotional state along the way. Jill is extremely knowledgeable and credible. I trusted her completely.  I would highly recommend to anyone needing the support of a law firm to strongly consider Jill Schwartz and her competent team!

– H.L.


If I can give Jill and her team infinite stars I would. Everyone from Jill herself to Lauren, Bev, and Sebastian were amazing. They are truly extraordinary. They guided me in the best way possible and I was truly blessed to have them in my corner. From day one I can tell they believed in my story and their compassion truly radiated in the hard work they did to make sure I ended with what I deserved. I appreciate them so much more than they will know. I loved how they were straight forward from the beginning and told me everything step by step. I will forever be grateful. If you are looking for a team that will get you justice, Jill and her team are the way to go. I will forever refer anyone I come across who needs help to Jill’s firm.

– N.S.


I do highly recommend the firm of Jill S Schwartz & Associates, P.A. Absolutely the most impressive, professional, and caring attorneys and staff you can come across.  They were on point, always available to take my calls, respond to my emails and concerns. At the end they win my case. I am grateful. I do highly recommend the firm of Jill S Schwartz & Associates, P.A. You are not a number you will become a family.

– G.L.


Jill and her team were very professional, knowledgeable and caring through the entire process of our case. Jill’s team made the experience at ease and gave me a sense of peace and confidence while delivering exceptional results.

– R.R.


I’m writing this review / recommendation about my personal experience with Jill S. Schwartz & Associates, P.A. I engaged Jill and her team to represent me in a labor dispute in 2018, upon the recommendation of a colleague who had used her firm previously to great satisfaction. Jill took the time to meet with me personally and review the facts of my complaint. Our discussion was lengthy and quite comprehensive. It was very refreshing and enlightening to be interviewed this completely and with such attention to detail. Throughout this process Jill and her team kept me informed and advised to the point where I felt totally in control of the situation.  Jill has assembled a very talented and caring group, any questions or concerns were answered promptly, explained completely and with great respect. I would highly recommend Jill S. Schwartz & Associates should you ever find yourself in a labor or employment dispute. They proved to be highly skilled and tenacious litigators, leaving nothing on the table. Thank you Jill S. Schwartz & Associates, P.A. for helping me through a very difficult time in my professional career, and for restoring my professional reputation.

– S.N.


Awesome Lawyer and staff are amazing and very knowledgeable. Caring and trustworthy.

– D.H.


I highly recommend Jill S. Schwartz & Associates. Jill and the entire Team are caring, professional, knowledgeable, and respectful. During my process, they walked me through the procedures and ensured that I understood what to be expected.

– N.S.


Jill Schwartz and her staff were terrific thru the entire process, providing me with guidance, full transparency, and perhaps most importantly, with excellent care in times where I was struggling emotionally. Don’t hesitate to reach them at least for an initial call and you’ll see why they deserve so many great reviews!

– J.V.


Great law firm, caring and helpful people, not the norm for law firms in Orlando. Expect to be well treated and to deal with honest and highly educated compassionate knowledgeable people.

– B.F.


I strongly endorse Jill S. Schwartz & Associates, P.A. and specifically Jill S. Schwartz. Jill lead me through a complicated case which was successfully settled through difficult mediation meetings. Jill’s strategy and legal tactics were very well thought through and very successful. Jill works hard and smart as does her excellent staff. Jill and her staff are easy to work with and always courteous and professional. Jill has exceptional knowledge and experience in addition to being determined and dedicated to achieving the best results. She is Superb.

– J.B.


I engaged Jill Schwartz and her firm to represent my interests. She and her associates took on my case and went above and beyond the norm to bring it to conclusion. I would highly recommend this firm to anyone in need of an Employment and Labor attorney.

– A.H.


Jill S. Schwartz was referred to me by a close colleague after she witnessed the unethical treatment towards me by my former employer. During initial meetings with her and her associates she was very empathetic and quickly acknowledged I had a good case and started devising our legal position and strategy.  Throughout the process Jill and her associates kept me up to date on the status of the case and was very responsive and thorough. As with most legal issues it took quite a long time to resolve but I never had to call Jill for updates, her firm was very proactive in keeping me abreast of any changes and/or what the next course of action planned. She did an outstanding job negotiating with the lawyers representing my former company and secured a fair settlement that I would NOT have been able to receive without her representation and advice. Jill is straight forward and I strongly recommend her.

– M.J.G.


I have to say, Jill is amazing. When I first came into her offices I knew she was going to be a big help. Her staff on the phone and through email were on it. Quick reaction to my questions. Jill was very calming and compassionate through my situation. If there was a way to click ten stars, I would. Thanks to Jill and her team.

– D.P.


I was fortunate to have been given a referral to Jill’s Practice and Jeffrey Hammer was the attorney handling the case with Jill being actively involved. From the onset, they took the time to listen to the case and strategized various approaches. They are extremely competent with Labor Laws and had my best interests in mind and there was very little for me to do as they took charge of the case. All the staff in the office is very personable and professional. I am very pleased with the outcome and will definitely seek their guidance again without hesitation on employment related issues. If you are like me and like to research several lawyers in the area, don’t waste your time as Jill and her Team are amongst the top lawyers in the Orlando area. Thank you Jill, Jeff and Team for your support with the case and look forward to working with you again.

– K.B.


Stepping up and recognizing you need legal help is not an easy task, especially for a confident executive. There is a lot of fear and worry that comes with approaching legal help. I can tell you that immediately I did not feel alone and I honestly felt like the burden of my situation was lifted. As a professional, I needed to see a fast turnaround time, high level thinking, strategic angles and urgency. I was beyond impressed and above anything else, I didn’t face one step alone when it came to my needs. Thank you to this top-notch law firm that powerfully puts client needs first. Special thanks to Lauren, Jill and Bev.

– K.S.


Jill S. Schwartz merits the Number 1 in the best companies in Central Florida; she is highly competent, professional, and, most of all she has a deep understanding of others.  I recommend her without reservation.

– M.M.


Jill and her team brilliantly handled a very delicate employment issue for us. She is a very strong, thorough, compassionate, and dedicated advocate for her clients.  Calls and emails are promptly answered, that is very important during stressful times.

– T.G.


I would highly recommend Jill Schwartz for anyone that has a labor related case. She and John Hunt were very easy to talk with. Jill is a skilled mediator and did an excellent job dealing with a difficult situation.

– R.M.


Great legal team. Compassionate and patient. Kept me informed and were always looking out for my best interest. Very happy with my outcome.

– J.J.


This law firm is just amazing. I hired them to go against a very large corporation. Jill is a highly respected attorney.  I also worked closely with Attorney Chris Pace.  I was very impressed every step of the way. Not only are they very professional but they are so kind and thoughtful which is great as these situations can be very stressful. Do not hesitate to hire this law firm. From the moment you call (speaking to Kelley their receptionist, who is a doll) to dealing with the attorneys, you will know you are in very competent hands.

– D.A.


I have been fortunate to have used the very high quality professional services of Jill Schwartz and JSA for well over a decade.  Ms. Schwartz is extremely competent, she has been quite successful in her representation of my various matters.  Her ability as an Attorney, Mediator and Consensus builder is truly amazing. She and her firm are very communicative and available. The quality of her and JSA work is at the highest level. I very much recommend her without hesitation.

– D.G.


Jill Schwartz & Associates is the most professional team you will find in their legal area of expertise.  This team is very thorough, excellent communicators, get things done quickly, experts in the most complex areas of law and a pleasure to work with. I wouldn’t trust anyone else.

– J.V.Z.


Well, when you’ve been wronged, this amazing legal team will fight for you to make it right. I feel very lucky to find these incredible experts. They believe in their clients, in making the wrongdoers responsible and care about justice. Wouldn’t have wished for any better representation.

– S.S.


I found the firm and my lawyer to be professional, knowledgeable, and compassionate. I would highly recommend this firm.

– P.A.


Awesome! Very Accurate and Helpful to Me.

– G.L.F.


Jill and her team are not only very kind, giving, professional, and smart, they comprise the leading employment law firm in Central Florida.

– J.R.